Open wineries for Christmas 2019

The Christmassy event of the Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia dedicated to winery visits and wine tasting is back!
Open Wineries for Christmas is dedicated to the visit of a selection of wineries, which are amongst the most beautiful ones in our region, and to the wine tasting to discover creative packaging specially-made in harmony with the Christmas holidays.

This year the event will not be centered in a unique weekend: during all December you will have the possibility to get to know a different winery and you will be able to choose among various initiatives and Christmassy offers to find the best gift idea.

In fact, every time more, the bottle of wine represents the appropriate and relished gift for the celebration occasions and is also a nice and enjoyable experience to get to know by yourself where the distinguished friulian wine is produced. Indeed, the wine producer himself will guide and suggest the suitable wine for each occasion to you, your friends and parents, pairing it with the best trending tastes.
Many are the wineries that also organize delicious Food and Wine pairings to prove the pleasure of eating good and to show the perfect food tasting matches.

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