Open Wineries dish 2022

Once again, we offer you a great opportunity to discover the delicacies of our region: the Open Wineries dish!

During Open Wineries day, on Sunday 29 May, the wineries below will serve dishes representing traditional Friulian cuisine paired with a glass of wine at a set price.

Treat yourself to delicious food: this is the tastiest way to enjoy Open Wineries!


BAGNAROL _ San Vito al Tagliamento
Available both on Saturday 28 and on Sunday 29 May; dish proposed by Le Troi Chef

  • Charcuterie board with local cold cuts and cheese with homemade sweet and sour pickled vegetables and fried gnocco, Friulano Dop Friuli Grave or Refosco dal peduncolo rosso Dop Friuli Grave€ 12,00
  • Potato gnocchi with rabbit ragout, green asparagus and frico crumbs, Pinot Grigio Dop delle Venezie o Merlot Igp Trevenezie€ 12,00
  • Bussolai and zaeti biscuits with “Verduzzo Bagnarol” zabaione cream, recommended pairing with Verduzzo Igp Venezia Giulia€ 6,00

FOSSA MALA _ Fiume Veneto

I MAGREDI _ San Giorgio della Richinvelda, fraz. Domanins
Dish prepared by Trattati bene _ Reservation required

  • Three slices of grilled polenta with Purcit Tirat cui milus (pulled pork with apple-flavoured barbecue dressing), Refosco dal peduncolo rosso or Traminer aromatico€ 8,00

PITARS _ San Martino al Tagliamento
Dish proposed by Le Troi Chef

  • Homemade lasagne with green asparagus and taleggio cheese + Soft omelette and salad with local wild herbs, dried fruit, fennels and pink pepper, Malvasia€ 12,00


ACCORDINI _ Faedis, fraz. Campeglio

  • Baked ham in bread dough with kren, beans and onions, Refosco d.p.r.€ 8,00

ARCANIA _ Rive d’Arcano
Dish prepared by Osteria Al Poc

  • San Daniele style ravioli with asparagus sauce, Pinot Bianco€ 9,00

CANTARUTTI ALFIERI _ San Giovanni al Natisone
Available both on Saturday 28 and on Sunday 29 May _ Reservation required

  • Sandwich with omelette, Friulano DOP Friuli Colli Orientali€ 10,00

Available both on Saturday 28 and on Sunday 29 May at the restaurant La Colombara, 300 m away from the winery

  • Sardines in two different styles: “in savor” and fried with a glass of Pinot Bianco 2021 and homemade little spaghetti with asparagus and golden mullet with a glass of Friulano 2021€ 17,00 per person

DE CLARICINI _ Moimacco, fraz. Bottenicco
Reservation required

  • Savoury croissant, with grilled vegetables and buffalo mozzarella, Pinot Grigio€ 7,00

DI GASPERO _ Corno di Rosazzo, fraz. Dolegnano
1 appetiser + 1 wine glass – € 3,50
Full tasting 3 appetisers + 3 wine glasses – € 10,00

  • Grilled bread with homemade coppa cold cut, Pinot Bianco
  • Grilled bread with homemade bacon, Merlot
  • Grilled bread with homemade ossocollo cold cut, Friulano

ELIO VINI _ Cividale del Friuli, fraz. Grupignano
Available both on Saturday 28 and on Sunday 29 May

  • Mixed dish of cold cults and cheese with different ageing time and bread, Merlot 2019 BIO€ 10,00

ERMACORA _ Premariacco, fraz. Orsaria

FERRIN PAOLO _ Camino al Tagliamento

  • Homemade cold cuts by Valentino Zanin in Camino al Tagliamento (gr. 100) and cheese from Latteria Biologica Friulana di Turrida in Sedegliano (gr. 100), Friulano 2020, Pinot Grigio 2020, Ermes 1692 Rosso 2018, Cabernet Sauvignon 2020€ 15,00

FORCHIR _ Camino al Tagliamento

ISOLA AUGUSTA _ Palazzolo dello Stella

  • Warm focaccia stuffed with speck, montasio cheese and olive paté, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso€ 8,90

LE DUE TORRI _ Corno di Rosazzo
Available both on Saturday 28 and on Sunday 29 May

  • Chicken on a spit with a side of potatoes, Franconia 2020€ 12,00

STANIG _ Prepotto
Available both on Saturday 28 and on Sunday 29 May only for lunch at Agriturismo al Vecchio Gelso located in the winery _ Reservation required

  • Pork cheek with Schioppettino reduction, welcome aperitif with Ribollicine and one glass of Schioppettino di Prepotto€ 15,00

VENDRAME VIGNIS DEL DOGE _ Codroipo, fraz. Passariano
Available both on Saturday 28 and on Sunday 29 May

  • Uncooked ham and Montasio cheese from Latteria Biologia La Sisile in the garden and by the olive trees of the winery – € 5,00

VIGNE DEL MALINA _Remanzacco, fraz. Orzano
Available both on Saturday 28 and on Sunday 29; dish prepared by Osteria Malina

  • Mixed grilled meat, one wine glass€ 18,00
  • Fried calamari, one wine glass€ 15,00


CASTELLO DI RUBBIA _ Savogna d’Isonzo, fraz. San Michele del Carso

  • Karst-style big sandwich with pleskavica, ham and Karst cheese, onions and ajvar, Terrano Riserva 2009


  • Risotto with sclopit and asparagus, Sauvignon De La Tour€ 15,00

GRAUNAR _ San Floriano del Collio

  • Bean soup with smoked meat, Friulano 2021€ 10,00

HUMAR VINI _ San Floriano del Collio
Dish proposed by Cooperativa dei sapori e del gusto

  • Sandwiches with seasonal ingredients and local bread made from zero miles products, paired with a selection of winesfrom € 5,00 to € 10,00

IVAN VOGRIČ _ San Floriano del Collio
Dish and food prepared by Enosteria Mister Blu Gorizia

  • Fried chicken, Pinot Grigio€ 10,00

MARCUZZI VITICOLA _ San Floriano del Collio

  • Octopus salad, Pinot Grigio 2019 Collio Doc€ 10,00

PASCOLO _ Dolegna del Collio

  • Selection of Montasio cheese, Cabernet Sauvignon 2020€ 6,00

Only upon reservation via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or cell. 347 4912583

  • Fresh egg pasta lasagna with local asparagus, Sauvignon Blanc€ 10,00

VILLA VASI _ Gorizia

  • Ham cooked in bread cut with a knife and kren, omelette with San Mauro herbs, pancetta and Montasio, Autoktona€ 20,00