The technical sponsors of Calici di Stelle

Acqua Dolomia
The company, with passion and respect for the environment, bottles the purest mineral water that flows from the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park - UNESCO World Heritage. Created by unspoiled nature for the wellbeing and pleasure of all those consumers who think that the waters are not all the same.
Come and enjoy the purity of Acqua Dolomia both in Grado and in Aquileia

Il Maggese / Novalis
It was born in 2013 from the idea that through an integrated vision of the environment - nutrition - wellbeing of people it is possible to fully satisfy the consumer's need for health and well-being. Wellness is understood as a lifestyle and is manifested in the company's commitment to carefully choose raw materials, mostly from the Mediterranean tradition, paying attention to the taste and nutritional content of the finished product.
During the two evenings of Grado you can accompany your wine tasting with a selection of healthy products Il Maggese / Novalis

Founded in 1911, Billiani is a historic family-owned company in Manzano (Ud) whose success is based on simple but fundamental values ​​and principles. The artisanal know-how, the attention to detail, the research of the highest material’s quality, executions, finishes and stylistic languages ​​are transmitted from generation to generation and are shared with every person who joins the company.
Come and discover the design, the colors and the beauty of these sessions in a sitting room dedicated to tastings in the company of Fummelier Marco Prato

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