Come and experience the Dolce Vita di Grado!

In addition to the rich food and wine tastings, your evenings Calici di Stelle in Grado will be enriched by a various musical program and cultural entertainment:

  • The energy of the music will bring you back to the fantastic '50s and' 60s, the golden years of the seaside tourism in Grado ... do you remember the magic of the jukebox songs on the beach? You can listen to them being interpreted by the great Massimo Bonato and his band
  • Free city night tours for those attending the event that wish to discover evocative glimpses of the streets and squares of Grado, archaeological excavations from the Roman era and much more. The tour will also include the Casa della Musica, where the works of the Clauiano Mosaics Symposium will be exhibited, mosaics created by world artists (International Mosaics 2018: exhibition open until August 26, guided tours on Thursdays and Saturdays at 21)
  • Exciting re-enactments to relive the sparkling atmosphere of the post-war Dolce Vita in collaboration with the Avenal Dance School and the Lady of Fairy Tales
  • "Renowned Italian Cigar" this year during the event, completely free of charge, to discover its secrets and make tastings in combination with quality products including chocolate Modica. The Fummelier Marco Prato of the Club Amici del Toscano┬« will take you through this world of varietal aromas and fragrances suitable for all palates, able to satisfy the tastes not only for old and new passionate members but also for the simple curious
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