Open Wineries by bike

Perhaps you were thinking about making the most of Open Wineries by visiting wineries by bike, but your lazy friends don't want to join you, right? Our friend Roberto came up with a brilliant idea: a free gathering on Saturday 26 May! What's that? It's a non-competitive ride open to everyone where each participant can make his own plan and is responsible for his behaviour, always sticking to the road traffic laws. You can ride the whole track, or join the others along the way in one of the listed wineries.

Here's the list of the wineries you'll be able to visit on your bike

  • 8am: departure from Bar Principe, via San Quirino, 11 – Pordenone
  • 9am: arrival at Pitars winery, via Tonello 10/A – San Martino al Tagliamento (Pn)
  • 11am: arrival at Conte d’Attimis-Maniago winery, via Sottomonte 21 – Buttrio (Ud)
  • 2.30pm: arrival at Ferrin Paolo winery, Casali Maione 8 – Camino al Tagliamento (Ud)
  • 4.30pm: arrival at I Magredi winery, via del Sole, 15 – San Giorgio della Richinvelda, fraz. Domanins (Pn)
  • 6pm: arrival at Bar Principe, via San Quirino, 11 – Pordenone


Important information

Safety helmet: for your safety, we recommend wearing a type-approved safety helmet

Bike education: we recommend being always "polite" with the other cyclists, but also with the other people you will cross on the road. Do not litter and always throw the rubbish in the designated bins

Wineries: in each winery the tour will last approximately 1 hour. We recommend bringing a bag/backpack and walking shoes

Registration: to help the wineries offer you a great experience, please make your reservation within Tuesday 22 May getting in touch with Roberto De Lucca. Mobile +39.347.0317135 – email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Route (link) and difference in heigt (link). Gpx file for GPS (link)

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