The Spirito di Vino cartoons at the School of Fine Arts in Udine

After the great success of the exhibition at Palazzo Morpurgo, the biting works of Spirito di Vino competition are waiting for you in an unprecedented location to give you new smiles. From 25 January the exhibition "Spirito di Vino 18 years" awaits you in the halls of the School of Fine Arts "G.B. Tiepolo", in Viale Ungheria 22 in Udine. At the inauguration will be present – Thursday, January 25th at 11.00 am – the Director of the Academy, Fausto Deganutti, and the president of the Movimento Turismo del Vino FVG, Elda Felluga.
The exhibition will remain open until March 4th 2018 (times: 9.00-17.00 from Monday to Friday, 9.00-12.00 on Saturdays).

In addition to the works selected for the 2017 edition, you can admire a selection of the most beautiful cartoons made during the 18 years of the competition, reliving some of the main historical, political and cultural facts through the ironic and irreverent eyes of satire.

The presence of the exhibition here is part of the prestigious collaboration with the School of Fine Arts of Udine "G.B. Tiepolo". In fact, since 2018, Spirito di Vino will offer to young satirical illustrators a space to express their creativity and go back to the profound meaning of satire and to the relationship with the land: the tradition of wine and the manual work behind it, reminding how illustrators use their hands to draw cartoons.

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