Calici di Stelle - Starry Glasses 2021

Considering the current evolving situation, we inform you that, to date, all the events scheduled for 2021 are confirmed. In the coming months we will provide more information and indications for a correct and orderly development of the event but, in the meantime, write down the dates on your agenda because we are waiting for you in Friuli Venezia Giulia for Calici di Stelle in early August.

Calici di Stelle, the summer event dedicated to tastings of wines and regional products in some of the most beautiful places in Friuli Venezia Giulia, awaits you in early August: during the event you can discover pleasant combinations of the flavors of the territory, culture and the art and tasting the real "stars" of the event ... the wines of some of the best regional wineries.
Soon more information on dates and places.

Moreover, there will be room for interesting moments of depth on tasting wines with the direct involvement of the producers, which will be available to the public curiosity and questions on the exceptional wine and culinary heritage of these production areas.
There will be musical entertainment and other exciting surprises that let you discover other combinations besides the food/wine tastings.

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