Saturday 25Dinner with the Winemaker at Osteria di Ramandolo _ via Ramandolo, 22 – fraz. Ramandolo, Nimis. 8pm, reservation required

- “Fresh welcome”: salad of marinated whitebait with caramelised pineapple dices and cress, Dorigo Brut
- “Delicacy”: roll of local trout steamed with dill and served on celery puree, Ribolla Gialla 2018
- “Spring perfumes”: “Carnaroli” risotto creamed with local “Tavagnacco” asparaguses and “Asìno” cheese, Friulano 2018
- “Classical …. But not too much”: braised veal cheeks stewed into “Refosco” red wine with cranberry demi-glace and bitter cocoa. Served with whole-wheat corn Polenta from the Cojutti mills in Godia, Rosso Dorigo 2015
- “Light final”: citron- and peppermint-flavoured sorbet sunk into “Storica Verde, Domenis” herb liquor
- Water and coffee
Price € 48,00 per person (wines included)

Only Sunday 26 – open from 10am to 6pm, free tastings

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    Refosco- flavoured braised pork jowl with cranberry demi-glacé and unsweetened cocoa with wholemeal maize polenta, Rosso Dorigo 2015
  • From 7pm rock 'n roll live with Alessio Dorigo on guitar