De Claricini

Only Sunday 26 – Free tasting of a glass of wine to welcome our guests

Free events and activities

  • Art exhibition by Angelo Bullo and open air painting in the garden of the villa
  • Handicraft exhibition by the craftsmen Magia delle Mani, promoting, protecting and supporting handicrafts
  • Lombard handicraft exhibition combined with the topic of wine by “Sergio Mazzola generazioni orafe”
  • Tastings: oil by Olio Ducale di Cividale, gubana by Dorbolò Gubane, local food by Magia delle Mani
  • Free tours of the garden and the park
  • From 4.30pm adults and children will have the chance to have a horseback stroll in the winery thanks to Circle V Farm in Firmano

Paid activities (reservation required)

  • Guided tasting of 4 wines (Prosecco, Chardonnay 2018, Merlot 2017 and Cabernet Franc 2017), a slice of grilled bread included € 5,00
  • Guided tour of the old villa and family chapel € 5,00, the tours will start at 11am and 3pm (only upon reservation)
  • Special deal: wine tasting and guided tour of the villa for € 8,00

Food available from 12pm to 3.30pm by Trattoria Bozzi

  • Open Wineries dish
    Pork fillet flavoured with Prosecco Doc De Claricini with a side of asparagus au gratin, Prosecco Doc€ 10,00
  • Lunch with a wide selection of dishes
    • First courses € 7,00
      Barley risotto with sclopit and speck from Sauris

      Cheese flakes with pears and smoked ricotta
    • Main courses € 8,00
      Refosco de Claricini-flavoured braised pork jowl with roasted potatoes
      Pork fillet flavoured with Prosecco Doc De Claricini with a side of asparagus au gratin
    • Cold dishes and salads € 7,00
      San Daniele ham and melon
      English style beef
      Veal with tuna sauce
      Mediterranean salad
      Greek salad
    • Sides € 3,00
      Roasted potatoes
      Mixed vegetables from the garden
      Mixed salad
    • Selection of desserts € 3,00