Azienda del Poggio

Only Sunday 26 – open from 10am to 6pm, free tastings

  • Guided tour of the vineyard and the cellar, free tastings
  • Harvesting wild herbs: a walk with the expert Ennio Furlan
  • Desserts baked by Federcasalinghe members (housewives association)
  • Market: handicrafts made by Federcasalinghe members

  • Handicrafts "Jewellery you wear anywhere" by PG Jewellery
  • Open Wineries dish
    Frico with polenta, Friulano€ 7,00
  • Experience only upon reservation, admission fee

    Raku day
    A workshop to offer participants the opportunity to manipulate pottery, both for beginners and for people with basic skills.
    The core event of the day is the Raku firing: we'll be making handicrafts, then the participants will be glazing them with the colours available. Finally, the handicrafts will be fired using the magic Japanese technique of Raku in reduction.
    The sessions will start at 10am, 11.45am and 1.30pm; reservation required, limited capacity. The fee for a session is € 30,00 per person.
    There will also be a workshop for adults and children where participants will have the opportunity to make simple handicrafts and manipulate clay.
    Each session lasts 2 hours. The organisers will bring all necessary equipment, including bowls, clays and enamels.
    A wine tasting will be offered to the group by Azienda del Poggio.
    Catia Clinaz, owner and coordinator of the artistic workshop Cuori di Terra a Udine, with a twenty-year-experience with sculptures, clay and stoneware handicrafts.
    Ivano Ledda, potter with a thirty year-experience, expert in Raku firing.
    Raku, meaning "cozy, relaxed, pleasant, joyful", is a Japanese firing technique associated with the zen philosophy. Its aim is to emphasise the harmony of the simple things and the beauty of the basic and natural shapes. The origin of Raku is connected with the tea ceremony, carried out with simple objects and focussed on the cup passed on from guest to guest. Because of its small size, the cup fits in the palm of a hand. The Raku technique has been recently introduced in the Western world, that completely changed its founding principles. The decorative effect, characterised by metallic reflections and crackles, as well as the unique process of extracting the burning object from the fire, make it an extremely original technique, absolutely far from the standard method.