De Claricini

Via Benvenuta Boiani, 4 - Moimacco, fraz. Bottenicco (UD)

+39 0432 733234

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Only Sunday 7 November

Free activities upon reservation

From 10am to 6pm

  • Exihbition "Dante in Painting" in the Foledor room
  • Exihbition themed wine in the Foledor room

Activities for a fee upon reservation

At 10am

  • Biowalk in the lands of Chiarò (suitable for everyone, duration about 1 hour and 30 ') by the naturalist guide – € 6,00 adults, € 3,00 children up to 17 years

At 11am, 3pm and 5pm

  • Departures guided tours of the historic Villa de Claricini Dornpacher, the chapel and its gardens

From 11am to 3pm

  • Open Wineries on Saint Martin's day dish
    • Vegetarian soup made with spelled de Claricini and beans, served with homemade bread, calice di Merlot de Claricini€ 6,00

Forreservations: link