I Magredi

Only Sunday 26 – open from 10am to 6pm, free tastings

  • Tasting of I Magredi & Ca’ Ronesca wines
  • Desserts by Sara’n Gelati from Valvasone with the picturesque ice cream truck
  • Games for children in the countryside by Slàvris – A natural playground: unlike a standard playground, here children will have the chance to play games inspired by the memories of people who live and have lived in this area
  • Open Wineries dish

    Wide selection of sandwiches with street food-style potatoes by Ca’ Lozzio including
    - The vegetarian: sandwich with latteria di Marsure cheese and griddled vegetables, Traminer Aromatico Doc Friuli Grave – € 13,00
    - The Friulian: sandwich with coffee-smoked trout and yogurt sauce, Traminer Aromatico Doc Friuli Grave€ 13,00